How to install iMessage on PC

Read how to install iMessage on PC in this guide. Installing iMessage on PC is a simple task. After you downloaded the iMessage PC software from the download page you simply have to run the installer and it will do it’s work. You will have iMessage installed on your PC in no time. Read the guide below.

How to install iMessage on PC

After you downloaded iMessage PC to your desktop you are ready to install iMessage PC. Below, you will find the guide on how to install iMessage on PC explained step by step.

Step 1. Extract the iMessage PC installer from the .zip file you just downloaded.


Step 2. Run the iMessage PC installer. This is the .exe file you just extracted from the .zip file in step 1.


Step 3. Optional. Select the folder where you want to install iMessage PC. This is not a required step. iMessage PC will automatically find the best location to install which is usually in your program files.

how to install imessage on pc

Step 4. The installer will now install iMessage on your desktop PC. As iMessage PC is light software, this shouldn’t take too long.


Step 5. You will be prompted if you want to read the installation log and/or open iMessage PC. Reading the log is optional. Click finish and open iMessage PC.


Step 6. The first time you open iMessage PC, you will have to log in using your existing Apple ID or create a new one. After you logged in, iMessage PC will remember your details. You can uncheck this option if you want.


Step 7. You can now use iMessage on your Windows PC! You can now add contacts by their Apple ID, or if you already had an account, your contacts will be synced from iCloud.

how to install iMessage on pc

And that is how to install iMessage on PC. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact iMessage PC developers via this website.