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Download iMessage PC

Download iMessage PC to start chatting with people that use iMessage. You can use iMessage via your Windows PC now. Chat easily from your Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer with all the people that have iMessage. iMessage PC is a free program that can be downloaded on this page. It is a lightweight program that can run on almost every Windows desktop and laptop. iMessage PC can only be downloaded on this website To download iMessage on PC click the button below or at the bottom of this page.

download imessage pc

Download iMessage PC

iMessage on PC can be used on any Windows system running Windows. All Windows versions from Windows Vista are supported by iMessage PC. Windows XP is also supported, but read more about that on the iMessage Windows compability page. In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, iMessage runs as a normal desktop application like you are used to. For Windows 8 there is also an app designed for the new Windows 8 environment. To download it click the download button on this page. If you download iMessage PC, it will automatically detect if you have Windows 8 installed and you will be prompted if you want to install the Windows 8 environment app or the normal desktop application.

download imessage pc

Why iMessage on PC

iMesage can be used to send free text messages, photos, audio files and many more to any person that uses it. As long as you are connected to the internet, sending messages is free! Until recently, you could only use iMessage on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac. iMessage PC makes it possible to use iMessage on any Windows PC! So do you want to start using iMessage on your PC today? Hit the download button and download iMessage PC.

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